Crescent Moon Ring - Antique Brass + Moonstone

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Meet our newest ring! This adjustable beauty is handmade by our friends over at Mesa Blue. It's easily adjusted with a little squeeze in either direction. 

Made from gold-filled hammered raw brass, this beauty is paired with a moonstone to complete the look!

Use Rainbow Moonstone to guide you through new beginnings - especially big scary moments that are absolutely life-changing. Helping to encourage intuition, hope and personal growth, moonstone balances female energies and aligns them with the lunar cycle. Allow yourself to get in tune, reduce emotional tension and calm your soul. This stone allows for better sleep, improves dreaming and is a powerful protective stone offering protection on all types of travel.

Product details:

  • Crescent Size: 15mm.
  • Moonstone: approximately 10-12mm.
  • Materials: polished brass, moon stone.