Green Paradise Blend - Surviving Motherhood Tea

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Surviving Motherhood Tea is here!

This flavored-green tea offering is a blend of select sencha style China green tea leaves, pieces of strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and cornflowers. This blend has a fresh green tea taste with a delicate sweetness and makes a refreshing iced tea with interesting fruit notes in each glass!

Each 4oz tin of tea will yield approximately 40 cups of tea.

Brewing Instructions + Notes:

  • We recommend filtered water for brewing tea
  • Use 1 rounded TEASPOON per 8oz. of water
  • Pour freshly boiled water onto the leaves (do not add tea to hot water)
  • Differing types of tea should be steeped for specific timeframes. If you prefer a stronger cup, add more tea, do not steep longer.

Steep our Chinese Green Tea for 2-3 minutes in 170-180 degree (boiled and cooled 1 minute) water.