Moon Phase Candle

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Moon: Full

Focus: Protection + Peace

Aromatherapy: Sandalwood + Tangerine + Patchouli Sandalwood, tangerine, and patchouli are blended together in a way that will calm any nerves and allow your mind to settle into tranquility. Sandalwood helps to settle and balance emotions. Patchouli releases anxiety and sadness. And tangerine increases happiness.


Moon: Waxing

Focus: Inspiration + Clarity Aromatherapy: Juniper + Cedar While our moon is waxing, practice harnessing abundance, attraction, and higher energy. Juniper & cedar are blended together to give you the positive nudge you need to put your goals in motion. Juniper draws in supportive influences & positive attention.


Moon: Waning

Focus: Optimism + Courage

Aromatherapy: Jasmine + Grapefruit The waning moon is an opportune time during the moon cycle to cleanse and let go. Ask yourself what you might be be able to rid your life of to bring yourself more joy. Grapefruit will comfort during detoxing, along with jasmine which will instill openness, optimism, and the courage to release.

Cruelty free + non-toxic // Soy wax // Phthalate-free oil blend // 8oz // Cotton wick // Glass amber jar // 45+ Hour burn time