Organic Passionfruit Kiwi Green - Surviving Motherhood Tea

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Surviving Motherhood Tea is here!

This unique green tea is organically cultivated in the mountains of China’s famous Zhejiang tea region. The tea base is then further blended with natural essence of passionfruit and kiwi, marigold blossoms and cornflower petals. This is a visually appealing tea blend that tastes great hot or chilled.

Each 4oz tin of tea will yield approximately 40 cups of tea.

Brewing Instructions + Notes:

  • We recommend filtered water for brewing tea
  • Use 1 rounded TEASPOON per 8oz. of water
  • Pour freshly boiled water onto the leaves (do not add tea to hot water)
  • Differing types of tea should be steeped for specific timeframes. If you prefer a stronger cup, add more tea, do not steep longer.

Steep our Chinese Green Tea for 2-3 minutes in 170-180 degree (boiled and cooled 1 minute) water.